Gelati Gasparini offers you a moment of refreshment

Gelati Gasparini is a small, local ice cream manufacturer with the production site in Münchenstein, Basel-Landschaft. For over 60 years, we have been manufacturing all of our ice cream products by hand. The Zolli Cornet brings memories back from early childhood years. In addition to that, the cornets are still filled by hand, dipped into chocolate and tenderly wrapped in the foil, as was done back in the 50’s.

All products are produced in a chaperoned working environment. Gelati Gasparini offers working places for the disadvantaged and handicapped for reintegration into a daily routine with meaningful occupation. Gasparini values good quality. That is why we use only premium goods to produce best quality products. We are also certified ISO-9001-2015, FSSC- and BIO.