Human Powered Health









Human Powered Health is a racing team with an inspirational rallying cry. Our mission is simple and vital – to inspire people to take small, simple steps towards greater health and well being. By embracing a new “human first, brand second” approach to sports marketing, we can build a passionate community that supports the individual wellness journeys of our clients and fans. We believe this message is best shouted from the top step of the podium, in the world’s biggest races.

And Human Powered Health, our racing team, is the living, breathing embodiment of this philosophy.

Formerly Rally Cycling, and managed by Circuit Sport, our program is one of the most successful in United States history. In 2022, its women’s team joined the WorldTour and our men’s ProTeam expanded its roster to 18 athletes. With over 150 victories since 2012 including a podium finish at the 2021 Tour de Suisse, the future is bright for the Human Powered Health men’s ProTeam.

With every sprint, climb and stroke of the pedal, we ride closer to our ultimate podium; a healthier world.