Fences and gates today – a big variety thanks to individual solutions

A fence marks the division between the public and the private areas and creates a feeling of safety and concealment.

Apart of their functional purpose, fences and gates also have to fulfil aesthetic demands. Zaunteam offers products that meet the customers’ needs regarding appearance as well as function.

In order to meet the different needs in private, commercial or public spaces, Zaunteam’s core competences concentrate on four product categories. More than 500 products of high quality allow Zaunteam to fulfil all wishes in the segments home and garden, visual covers and noise protection, industry and safety as well as animal husbandry. Zaunteam offers the biggest choice of fences and gates in various colours, shapes and sizes. If the desired solution is not available in the catalogue, Zaunteam offers individual solutions that will be elaborated together with the customer. The best solutions always evolve in collaboration with the customer.

With over 115 locations and more than 30 years of experience, Zaunteam is the leading brand for fence and gate systems in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Best-qualified staff consult customers on-site or in one of the numerous Zaunteam fence market locations. The customer’s notion is being discussed and builds the basis for a perfectly tailor-made solution. That is where the professional installation and construction team takes over. By using special-purpose machines and tools, an efficient and economic execution is ensured.

Define yourself with quality – the Zaunteam staff is looking forward to meeting you. More information as well as the free comprehensive catalogue you will receive from your Zaunteam partner in your area, by calling the toll-free phone number 0800 84 86 88 or on the website