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Premiere: Tour de Suisse uses Virtual Reality

The Tour de Suisse will be accessible to all - around the globe.

In the middle of December on a racing bike toward the Oberalp Pass? In shorts thanks to summer conditions? This is now a reality. The pioneering and comprehensive digital cycling partnership between the Tour de Suisse and ROUVY makes this possible. Based on real stage pictures, every professional and amateur athlete can now experience the Tour de Suisse on their home trainer - even before it takes place. . 

With Digital Cycling not only is the racing bike real but also the resistance that the smart roller applies to the pedals as the stage passes by on the monitor in real time and as actual video image. In the future every cyclist worldwide will be able to ride the stage highlights of the eight Tour de Suisse 2020 stages at home. From the starting arch, the King of the Mountains and the advertising boards, all the way to the “Flamme Rouge” and the finish line - everything has been considered.
The realistic portrayal of the route simulation also turns Digital Cycling of the Tour de Suisse into an exciting platform for Swiss tourism. Digital Cycling delivers a postcard image of Switzerland as a cycling country into the living rooms of the worldwide cycling community.

And the new system is not only promising for hobby cyclists but also for the professionals. In addition to training camps held in the south, many train on rollers at home during the winter months. Thanks to the 1:1 stage simulations of the Tour de Suisse Digital Cycling, the professionals can now rehearse the special features of the Tour de Suisse routes during the cold winter. 
Swiss time trial champion Stefan Küng sees the collaboration of the Tour de Suisse with ROUVY as an interesting development. "I will certainly try this out. The approach of being able to ride real stage routes is very promising, especially regarding specific race preparation, 1:1 track simulation is exciting and has potential."

While it is interesting for professional athletes to complete individual and precise training units for the upcoming Tour de Suisse, Digital Cycling also provides amateur athletes the opportunity to train in groups or to compare themselves to the professionals. The ROUVY App is a great way to meet up for Digital Cycling Group rides. In the actual video images of the courses, the participants see a 3D representation of themselves and all other participants.
This community aspect promotes motivation to train on the roller at home even on the coldest winter days.
This is precisely the audience targeted by the Tour de Suisse's expanded commitment in partnership with Tortour on ROUVY. Tortour, the world's leading ultra-cycling race in terms of participant numbers, will launch regular group rides and training programs.
These group trainings will be led exclusively by a former Swiss professional - all on ROUVY Digital Cycling.

The Czech provider ROUVY is one of the most popular providers of indoor training software solutions in the cycling community. Founded in 2003 by the cycling enthusiastic Samek brothers in South Bohemia, ROUVY differs from other providers thanks to realistic course simulations. These are based on real video recordings of the course. In addition to a variety of existing routes such as the Furka Pass, Stelvio or other cycling classics, ROUVY also offers specific workout training units such as intervals.
As well as the ascent to the Oberalp Pass from the Sedrun-Andermatt mountain time trial, further route highlights will be added to all 2020 Tour de Suisse stages during the winter.
Throughout the Tour de Suisse there will also be a special TdS Digital Cycling Challenge, with great prizes to be awarded to participants.

The 84th edition of the Tour de Suisse begins on Saturday 6 June at the Start Hub in Frauenfeld with the popular team presentation and various side events. The Swiss national tour starts on Sunday with a time trial in Frauenfeld. On Monday the international field will leave from Neuhausen am Rheinfall in the direction of Lachen on Lake Zurich. The 3rd stage heads from Lachen to Pfaffnau in Canton Lucerne. The start of the 4th stage takes place in front of the St. Urban monastery and runs across the Central Plateau to Moudon in Canton Vaud. From Moudon on Thursday the first mountain stage climbs to Leukerbad. The second mountain stage the following day runs from Fiesch to Sedrun. On Saturday 13 June a mountain time trial takes the riders over the Oberalp Pass from Sedrun to Andermatt. The final and Queen Stage gets underway on Sunday in Andermatt with a classic Alpine Circuit over three Alpine passes. Thus, the Tour de Suisse 2020 will remain open and exciting until the final arrival in Andermatt on Sunday.

In the meantime, until the monumental Alpine passes are once again snow free, it will be possible to train at home via ROUVY on the best sections of the Tour de Suisse course. And who knows, maybe Stefan Küng will suddenly whiz by!

>> Visualization of the Oberalp Pass on ROUVY 
>> Try ROUVY now free for 2 weeks 


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