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VMC Gansingen celebrates 2018 with a stage finish and a start

Following a big positive response from being a stage city in 2012, Gansingen will be hosting a stage finish and a start in the Tour de Suisse 2018. With the contract signed today, the VMC Gansingen cycling club is fulfilling a long-held wish on its 100th anniversary.

In June 2018 the stage finish will take place at the northern entrance to Gansingen. The day after that will see the registration and start in the centre of the village. There will be a carnival atmosphere with attractions for young and old alike in the Frick Valley community. "We're all pulling together here and the whole village is backing this unique cycling festival", says a delighted OC President Emanuel Hüsler. There is a good reason why Gansingen will also be organising a start on the day after the stage finish. Before the start the riders will be taking a little more time for autographs and photos. Hüsler sees this as a special motivational boost for the ambitious young members of VMC Gansingen. "The kids will get to meet their idols close-up and possibly follow in their footsteps in the future."

VMC Gansingen was supporting the Tour de Suisse as long ago as 1934

Gansingen in the Upper Frick Valley is considered to be a cycling stronghold. In 1934 VMC Gansingen transferred 5.00 Swiss francs to the organisers in support of the Tour de Suisse. Since that date the club has repeatedly been an active organiser of bike races of every type. Not the least of which was the 19th GP Oberes Fricktal, a circuit race for all categories from juniors to elite, held in August this year. The celebrations for the 100th anniversary in 2018 are also to go down in history.

Birthplace and home of the TdS General Director

In view of the fact that TdS General Director Olivier Senn has lived in Gansingen since birth and has himself been an active member of the VMC Gansingen club since his youth, the involvement of the village in the Frick Valley is not entirely coincidental. "This stage stopover in my home for the second time makes me incredibly proud", says Olivier Senn. "I want to make my contribution to a successful 100th anniversary with an exciting race on the part of the Tour de Suisse organisation." In 2012 he helped out actively on behalf of the club and enjoyed the public celebrations to the full.

In addition to Gansingen, the holiday region of Arosa in Graubünden has already been chosen to host a stage in 2018.

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