Team Q36.5 – Benefiting from internal sustainability policies
22. September 2023









In today’s survey of teams’ sustainability actions, we turn our attention to Team Q36.5, one of the newest teams on the circuit. As a new team, Team Q36.5 is mindful of the environment, but also of the financial constraints linked to running a team at the professional level.

Despite the various competing priorities, the team manager took the step to develop a sustainability policy document, which the team uses to guide their day to day activities.

The policy discusses elements such as traveling rules. The team is encouraged to use land transport such as trains and car-sharing on trips shorter than three hours. The team is mindful of food wastes, sharing food across the entire organization.

Creating a policy is a relatively simple and cost-effective way to initiate practical work on sustainability topics. The team is also looking at options to measure emissions, but the policy already helps them take sound actions and move in the direction of reducing their impact.

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