Where can I watch the Tour de Suisse?

The Tour de Suisse is broadcast live around the world. You can find more information about the broadcast times of your local broadcaster on the website of your local rights holder.


  • SRG
  • TV2 Denmark
  • TV2 Norway
  • Polsat (Poland)
  • Arena Sport (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia)
  • Eurosport (UK, Netherlands, Italy + Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cyprus, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine)

Note: live on TV in the UK, Italy, France and slightly delayed in the Netherlands – in all of them
other countries live on the Eurosport Player

  • NENT (Finland and Sweden)
  • Intermediate (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia – sub-licensees confirmed)
    Czech Republic: Czech TV
    Hungary: AMC
    Slovakia: RTVS
  • L’Equipe (France)
  • Intermediate in Spain à Note: sublicensee remains to be
    confirmed but we followed up with them
  • Proximus (Belgium)

Outside Europe:

  • ELTA (Taiwan)
  • Tap Sports (Philippines)
  • FloSports (USA, Canada and Australia)
  • Supersport (sub-Saharan Africa)
  • DirecTV (South America excl. Brazil)
  • Zhibo (China)
  • Sky NZ (New Zealand)
  • ESPN Brazil