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Where the Rhine has its origin, guests and locals draw energy and relaxation from many sources. Near the Oberalp pass, where the highest lighthouse of the world marks the source of the Rhine symbolically, one finds the small, mystical Tomasee, which can be easily reached after a leisurely hike. Here, the Rhine has its source, and its water trickles as small brook into the depth, marking the beginning of a flowing connection between the Alps and the North Sea.

Apart from the Tomasee, numerous hiking and biking routes, summits and lookout points, SAC-cabins and two idyllic bathing lakes invite to excursions. For racing cyclists, there are unforgettable and demanding pass rounds across the Lukmanier or the Oberalp pass waiting – or the route through the spectacular Rhine ravine Ruinaulta to Chur.

In Disentis Sedrun and the upper Surselva, one still lives the regional Romansh tradition. Thus, guests are welcomed, depending on the time of day, with a “Bien di” or “Buna sera” – good day or good evening. The cultural and spiritual centre of the region is the more than 1400-year-old Benedictine cloister of Disentis, where around 20 monks live and work in this community to this day.

Did you know? The most famous speciality of Grisons measures only 4cm in the version of the confectioner Reto Schmid – nothing more than a “Fünfliber” (5 Swiss Francs coin). The 19-gram light “Bündner Mini Nusstörtli” from Sedrun, a traditional Grisons nut cake, is a delicacy.

Bien di and welcome to Disentis Sedrun


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