Frauenfeld, the capital of the Swiss canton of Thurgau, has everything you need for a good life: an excellent infrastructure, various educational institutions, shopping centres, a strong retail trade and a wide variety of culture and leisure activities. The city has a population of over 25,000 – and more than 19,000 jobs in a diverse mix of industries. The city combines a rural setting with urban comfort and has an excellent public transport system as well as direct access to the motorway.

As a regional centre, Frauenfeld has well-equipped sports and leisure facilities. Among other things, there are three pools (indoor, outdoor and spa pool), a synthetic ice rink, indoor tennis courts and a sports centre at Kleine Allmend with a jogging trail and a skater park. Their use is by no means restricted to competitive athletes but open to anyone wanting to be fit and healthy.

Of course, Frauenfeld has more to offer than work and fitness: It also has a heart for culture. From performances in cosy venues to large cultural events – the scope is diverse and caters for all ages. Some 300 local clubs and associations form an extensive network inviting anyone who is interested to join in a wide range of activities. They regularly organize gatherings associated with local topics as well as major national events. All of this contributes to a high standard of living. We live well and we love to live in Frauenfeld!


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