Whether off-roading on a mountain bike from Forch through Küsnacht gorge to Lake Zurich or sticking to the roads and riding via Limberg and Allmend or Itschnach to the village centre on a racing bike – Küsnacht has plenty to offer, and not just for road cycling enthusiasts and mountain bike riders.

The 14,494 people, 6500 employees, 280 cows, 73 sheep, 48 chickens, 8 pigs and 7 bee colonies who call this place home all appreciate the high quality of life on offer in this small community. This is because Küsnacht has so much more to offer than low taxes, its countless villas and the prominent millionaires who live here. With 85 associations, a wide range of active trades and crafts and hillside farming on Küsnachter Berg, the village has managed to retain the feel of a place that the residents of Küsnacht can be truly proud of. And with excellent public transport connections via rail, bus and boat, the area is also incredibly easy to access.

Küsnacht is more than just a suburb of Zurich – it is very much its own village, offering superb quality of life with a real zest for living.



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