Radio, press, TV, web: journalistic eyes, hands and mouths have many forms. The professionals with cameras, microphones and notepads have to be able to rely on the content and technology in a short amount of time. As the TdS media team, we are responsible for this together with those responsible for the media at the stage locations.

Update 5/30/2021, 4pm



Due to the high number of accreditation requests over the recent days and the Covid-19 restrictions, we are sorry to inform you that no further media accreditations can be accepted as of now. For specific requests, please contact us by email: Thank you for your understanding!



Covid-19 Status 5/22/2021

 The cantons have approved the Tour de Suisse 2021 in compliance with the protection concept. The media workers are also subject to the protection concept and must follow it.

Covid-19 protection concept Tour de Suisse

Limited number of places

Photo / video / radio: Photographers as well as VJ and radio professionals have priority when allocating the available media workplaces. Restrictions are to be expected in the start and finish area as well as at other critical points. A limited number of workplaces with access control and distance rules will be available at the stage locations. For video, of course, the usual rules with priority for moving images at host broadcaster SRG SSR apply.

Other media representatives: We are preparing a comprehensive online service with interviews, videos and other content for all media professionals who are not necessarily dependent on working with a camera or microphone on site. Strong restrictions are to be expected at the stage locations.

Final weekend in Andermatt: For the final weekend we are working on a solution for good working conditions on site, especially for the time trial on Saturday.


Access to this year’s Tour de Suisse is only granted to media professionals who have previously been accredited using the online tool (see link above). On-site accreditations are not possible this year.

The journey to the TdS must be carried out with a negative PCR test, which is not older than 72 hours. Those who cannot show a negative PCR test will not be admitted to the TdS.

Media professionals residing in Switzerland who have been accredited by May 21, 2021 will receive by May 31. a test kit for the pre-test to the stored address. The costs for this test are covered by TdS. Foreign media workers must arrive with the negative PCR test.

When the accreditation is picked up at Permanence, a second PCR saliva test is carried out immediately. This second test is considered to be the time of entry into the TdS bubble. From this point on, the person is subject to the protection concept.

Compulsory tests

Important: People who have been vaccinated and who have recovered must also be tested. In the event of contact with people who have tested positive, vaccinated people have the advantage that they do not have to be quarantined. The following PCR saliva tests are performed:

    1. Pre-Test: Before arriving at TdS, no more than 72 hours old (media professionals residing in Switzerland who have been accredited by May 21, 2021 will receive this in advance by post and return it 3 days before arrival).
    2. Entry test: To be carried out at the accreditation in the Covid test center (media professionals residing in Switzerland who have been accredited by May 21, 2021 will receive this in advance by post and hand it in at the time of accreditation)
    3. Repeat tests: A repeat test is carried out every 3 days. The respective test kits are handed over when the previous test is submitted. Media professionals are responsible for ensuring that the tests are delivered to the specified location at the specified time. Anyone who does not submit a repeat test loses the authorization to access the start and finish area as well as the racing stage. The specific instructions on test times and drop-off locations will follow before the Tour de Suisse.
  1. Return travel test for foreign media professionals

  2. We offer all foreign media professionals the opportunity to carry out an additional PCR saliva test on Saturday, June 12th, 2021 for the return trip abroad. In order to plan the tests, registrations for this return test must be sent by 31st May 2021 to  (subject: Covid return travel test). The return journey test costs CHF 130.00 and must be paid in cash when you submit the entry test in the Covid test center.

Behavior during the TdS

All accredited media workers are part of the “TdS bubble”, which it is imperative to protect. Accordingly, contact with people outside the bladder should be avoided wherever possible. In particular, overnight stays at home with the family should be avoided. In the hotels, keep your distance from other guests and employees. The usual hygiene regulations must be observed. At the start and finish area as well as in the vehicles there is a mask requirement (hygiene masks are sufficient) and a strict smoking ban.

Questions? Wishes?

Please report your concerns to us. We will support you as best we can. And if a wish exceeds what is humanly possible, we will find a solution.

Contact: Ueli Anken | +41 79 638 18 18 |

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