15 JUNE 2022

191 KM


Commentary David Loosli

On paper this stage is tailored for sprinters and is the flattest in the whole Tour. After the start near the Tissot Velodrome, the peloton crosses the Cantons of Solothurn, Bern, Lucerne and Schwyz. Before the celebrations in Brunnen however, there is one last obstacle to overcome on this leg. On the additional lap in the Mythen region, the cyclists have to tackle the ascent over the Sattel. This offers a last opportunity for breakaways and mountain climbers to shake off the sprinters. From the organisational point of view, a reunion with our former Technical Director Kurt Betschart will also be a highlight.

Stage Highlights

Emmental & Lucerne Hinterland

The picturesque Emmental and Lucerne Hinterland are places to be enjoyed by all, not just Pro cyclists.

Region of Mythen

The Adventure Region Mythen is located in the heart of Switzerland, between Lake Zurich and Lake Lucerne.


On the additional lap, the Rigi, known as the queen of the mountains, is circumnavigated.


The town of Brunnen is more than just a small-town pearl on Lake Lucerne.

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