CYCLING UNLIMITED AG started operations on 1 July 2019. Olivier Senn and Joko Vogel jointly manage the endeavour, while Patrick Hunger, the co-president of Swiss Cycling, is the chairman of the board of directors. The current core team of the Tour de Suisse, consisting of Célina Rovescala (commercial management), Jonas Leib (technical management) and David Loosli (sporting management) can fall back on many years of experience. The core team is supported by division managers – absolute professionals in their field.


Olivier Senn

Function: General director

Involved since: 2012

Why I am part of the Tour de Suisse team: I grew up with cycling and have been given the unique opportunity to turn my passion into a career. Organizing each year the biggest sporting event of Switzerland is a big challenge which fascinates and challenges me. It’s great fun to tackle this Herculean task with our incredibly professional and motivated team.

David Loosli

Function: Sports Director

Involved since: 2012

Why I’m part of the Tour de Suisse team: The Tour de Suisse allows me to combine my passion and my job.

Célina Rovescala

Function: Commercial director

Involved since: 2009

Why I’m part of the Tour de Suisse team: It’s unbelievably exciting to be able to organise the biggest sporting event in Switzerland with such a fantastic organisation. When you see the passion of the staff, the euphoria of the fans and the sporting bests achieved by the riders, you know what you’ve spent all year working for!

Jonas Leib

Function:Technical Director

Involved since: 2022

Infected with the cycling virus since I was 10 years old, the Tour de Suisse is the Swiss cycling highlight for me, which combines competitive, recreational and family sports. It is a great honor for me to be able to help shape and implement the event together with the Tour de Suisse family.

Caroline Jost

Function: Brand Manager Tour de Suisse Women

Involved since: 2020

Why I’m part of the Tour de Suisse team: I always loved attending sports events. At the events, it did not really matter what kind of sports it was, but more the emotion which were generated by the athletes and fans. Now being part of the organisation of the biggest sporting event in Switzerland and see behind the scenes and what it takes to put it together, motivates and fascinates me the same.

Laurine Kirchgessner

Function: Trainee Event Management

Involved since: 2022

Why I’m part of the Tour de Suisse team: I have always enjoyed participating in events, whether for fun or for professional reasons. The whole organization behind these events has always intrigued me. Today I have the chance to be part of one of the biggest sporting events in Switzerland and I am very grateful for it.

Division Managers

Jan Mühlethaler

Function: Head of Editorial Office
Involved since: 2018
Why I am part of the Tour de Suisse team: Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by cycling; the action, the tactics, the suffering – but also all the stories and myths around it, the visuals, the dramas etc. Today, I document the stories surrounding the biggest Swiss national tour and enjoy cycling in stages.

Martin Obrist

Function: Head of Neutral Race Service

Involved since: 2010

I enjoy cycle racing and being part of the most beautiful tour. You get to meet up with old acquaintances and exchange information on what is new and exciting.

Ueli Anken

Function: Head of the Media Office

Involved since: 2018

Radio, press, TV, web: journalistic eyes, hands and mouths have many forms. The professionals with cameras, microphones and notepads have to be able to rely on the content and technology in a short amount of time. As the TdS media team, we are responsible for this together with those responsible for the media at the stage locations.

Pascal Bachmann

Function: Head of Signposting
Involved since: 2005 as a member of signposting. Since 2016 Head of signposting.

I was able to take over the position of division manager from my father. I think I inherited my enthusiasm for cycling from him too. As a helper, I was able to gain a lot of experience in the area of signposting in advance, and as head I could make use of this experience. Every year I am happy to be a part of the tour together with my team and I hope that this will continue for a long time.

Dr. med Roland Kretsch

Function: Head of Medical Service

Involved since: 2008

I really enjoy being at the Tour the Suisse as division manager medical service, because it unites my profession as a sports medicine specialist and emergency doctor with my love of cycling and Swizerland. Furthermore I like working outdoors with good and reliable staff.

Lars Bertrams

Function: Head of safety division
Involved since: 2016

After 13 years working for the worldwide biggest triathlon event, the Challenge Roth, first as employee and later on as responsible person safety followed by my position as safety manager at a cycling race around the old town of Nürnberg and the Red Bull District Ride, I was looking for a new possibility to work for a sports event after moving to Switzerland. After a short detour working for the Powerman in Zofingen I joined the Tour the Suisse family and every year, I’m looking forward to an exciting time and good companionship.

Christoph Jost

Function: Head of Hospitality

Involved since: 2022

Patrick Huber

Function: Head of TdS Challenge

Involved since: 2019

Since I was a child I am very enthusiastic about all kinds of sports. Cycling is no exception. On the contrary! The top performances of the professionals are absolutely fascinating and extraordinary. My own ambitions are not comparable to those of a professional cyclist. Nevertheless, time on a racing bike is without a doubt one of my favourite activties during my leisure time.

Guido Sereinig

Function: Security Manager Race

Involved since: 2012: Police motorcyclist with Zurich Cantonal Police

2013 – 2016: Motorcyclist for the security service

2017 – 2021: Division Managers

2022: Head of Security Service

The fascination of cycling is hard to describe. Being part of the biggest Swiss sporting event is a real pleasure. Together with my motorcyclists will take care of the safety on the tour. This creates great stories and friendships that last for decades.

David Perlini

Function: Head of Finish

Involved since: 2003

It’s an honour for me to be able to participate in a major event like this, to get to know a wide variety of areas (TV, advertising and cycle racing) and, in addition, to work with the local organising committee to organise an unforgettable day for the population.

Georges Lüchinger

Function: Head of Race Information

Involved since: 1991

Why I’m part of the Tour de Suisse team: I like taking responsibility, working with partners who have a professional approach and sport itself – I can find all three of these at the Tour de Suisse, which is why I enjoy being head of a division at Switzerland’s biggest sporting event.

Fabio Zahner

Function: Head of Tour Police

Involved since: 2012: Tour Police / Afterwards: Security Services / 2019: Tour Police / 2020: Head of Tour Police

I can combine my job, my hobby of motorcycling and social life with a team that comes from all over Switzerland. The emotions in and around racing fascinate me again and again. The team spirit as well as the pleasure of riding through a wonderful landscape in good and bad weather is perfect for me.

Stephan Bühler

Function: Head of Start

Involved since: 2017

Why I’m part of the Tour de Suisse team: The Tour de Suisse continues to fascinate several generations. For many years infected with the passion cycling virus, I am happy to support the largest cycling event in Switzerland with my professional and cycling experience. From 2017 to 2019 I was responsible for the sponsors’ village in the finish area of the Tour de Suisse.

Noldi Henseler

Function: Head of Route Safety

Involved since: 2019

I really appreciate the camaraderie in the track safety team, the great cooperation with the mobile safety forces and with the contact persons from the management.

Urban Kaiser

Fucntion: Head of Entertainment

Involved since: 2021

Cycling has fascinated me since I was a child. The close connection has remained until today; be it on regular rides in the beautiful Thurgau, riding over alpine passes or following the professional races. Working in the local OC of the Frauenfeld HUB brought me to the Tour de Suisse. As head of entertainment, I want to help bring the fascination of cycling racing closer to the spectators with emotion, an extremely exciting and gripping task.

Karin Breitenstein

Fonction: Head of Accommodation

Involved since: 2018

Because I like to use my contacts and my know-how from the hotel industry to organize suitable accommodation for the athletes, coaches and Tour de Suisse employees. To be part of the biggest Swiss sporting event of the year and to get to know the different regions and people during this time makes it additionally exciting and very diversified for me.

Sepp Wehrli

Function: Head of Racing

Involved since: As a cyclist I took part in the Tour de Suisse six times between 1978 and 1983. I’ve been an official since 1987 and a sector or divisional head since 1991. I’ve been an official since 1987 and a sector or divisional head since 1991.

In my leisure time I’m involved as a Swiss Cycling official (jury/race director). The Tour de Suisse is always the highlight of the year. For me it’s an honour and a pleasure to take part as an official or head in the Tour de Suisse. to take part as an official or head in the Tour de Suisse.

Stephan Wüthrich

Function: Head of Race Office

Involved since: 1999

I’m an independent PR specialist, and the Tour de Suisse offers me a complete change and an exciting environment compared with my usual day-to-day work. It gives me a chance to apply solution-oriented thinking, creativity and spontaneity to practical situations on a daily basis. I like that.

Steve Bovay

Function: Head of Radio Tour

Involved since: 2011/2008 as an active rider

I got involved because cycle racing is a wonderful sport. Each year, cycle racing brings people of all ages and classes out onto the pavements. It’s great! There’s a fantastic atmosphere and the Tour de Suisse is a real family.

Silvan Erdin

Function: Head of the Publicity Caravan

Involved since: 2018

Why I am part of the Tour de Suisse Team: Even as a child, the publicity caravan was one of the highlights of visiting the Tour de Suisse. As a cycling fan, I’m now proud to be part of the biggest racing event in Switzerland.