Municipality of Nottwil

It’s beautiful location by the lake, the outstanding view of the Alps and the good infrastructure speak for the attractiveness of the municipality of Nottwil. The unique location in terms of transport, with a wheelchair-accessible railway station, motorway connections in Sempach and Sursee, as well as train and bus connections to Wolhusen, Sursee and Lucerne, ensure the best accessibility. Natural recreation areas, walking and hiking trails and the attractive lakeshore are perfect for relaxing, watching the world go by, as well as doing fitness and sports. In addition to the wheelchair-accessible open-air lakeside swimming area, sailing, surfing and fishing, the Lake Sempach region offers unlimited adventures.

Since 1990 the Swiss Paraplegic Centre SPC, the Research Institute GZI and the Hotel Sempachersee have contributed significantly to the development of the municipality. In fact, not only do they generate high-quality jobs and training programs, but they also offer a wide range of cultural activities, including exhibitions, concerts, performances and open-air events. People from all over the world attend their further education courses, congresses and expert conferences and take home positive impressions of the municipality.

Nottwil is home to around 4100 inhabitants and since Summer 2017 it has run all classes for school children from nursery school to the 3rd class of secondary level 1. Grammar school, intermediate diploma school (DMS) and vocational school can be attended in Sursee.

Our 40 or so clubs shape cultural life. Time and again, some of our sports clubs manage to shine at national and international level, delivering outstanding performances and thus becoming an outstanding advertisement for Nottwil.


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