Oberwil-Lieli lies at the edge of the Mutschellen, a ridge of hills rising high above the Reuss valley. It is a region popular with city-dwellers escaping the hustle and bustle to bask in the sun and take in the magnificent views of the Alps. The village is just minutes away by car or public transport (direct express bus) from downtown Zurich.

Oberwil-Lieli maintains a village character with over 30 clubs (from ladies’ gymnastics to choirs, Samaritans to hunting), shops, over 30 local businesses, a primary school idyllically located in the forest separating Oberwil and Lieli, 3 kindergartens, stunning walking paths and well-kept farmland. The community’s sound financial situation sees Oberwil-Lieli successfully competing for the lowest tax rate in the canton.

With just 2’500 inhabitants, Oberwil-Lieli has not lost its rural charm – people know and greet each other on the street. Village life is punctuated by a multitude of events every year, from concerts performed by the village music band and the men’s choir, theatre performances, the delicious “Metzge” (traditional feast), the cultural events organized by the qpa club, parties organized by the village’s younger generations to the Christmas market. Village life as it used to be.

Oberwil-Lieli is already looking very much forward to hosting the finish of the 6th stage of the Tour de Suisse 2023 on the 16th of June next year.


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