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City, lake and a wealth of culture: the corner where four countries meet, between Lake Constance and the Säntis, has everything the heart desires. The St.Gallen-Lake Constance region is just waiting to be explored by culture enthusiasts and nature lovers..

The cultural metropolis of St.Gallen charms with its picturesque old town and rich historical heritage: the Abbey District, complete with Baroque cathedral and world-famous Abbey Library, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is considered the city’s landmark. But that is by no means all the city has to offer.

Action und Adventure

For those who enjoy cycling or e-biking through stunning landscapes, walking over bridges of various construction or leisurely strolls along enchanting lakeside promenades, the St.Gallen-Lake Constance region has numerous opportunities for healthy, sporting and active pursuits. In particular, the municipalities of Wittenbach, Gaiserwald and Waldkirch, close to the Cantonal capital, boast great local recreation areas, various routes for biking and cycling tours and beautiful paths for extended nature adventures. The river Sitter, an impressive sight at any time of year, offers something for sports fans and leisure seekers alike.

Climb and View

Furthermore, St.Gallen is a true “city of steps”. Around 13,000 steps make it possible to climb in all directions skyward. Taking one step at a time is a simple, efficient and inexpensive way to exercise daily and significantly contributes to the overall health of the cardiovascular system. And, once you reach the top, you are in for a real treat and have the best view of the Gallus city. At the “Drei Weieren” natural swimming baths – accessible via a 350-step staircase – the view extends all the way to Lake Constance.

Fashion and Elegance

St.Gallen is also known worldwide as a textile city. Great designers such as Chanel, Dior and Armani use St.Gallen embroideries and hardly any important fashion show in Paris, Milan or New York goes without the presentation of the corresponding haute couture. The Textile Museum St.Gallen houses one of the most important textile collections in Switzerland. Fabrics and embroideries from all over the world, pattern books, design drawings and photographs illustrate the fortunes of the Swiss textile industry. Experience St.Gallen textiles in person? In selected hotel rooms close to the city you can sleep in textile dreamland.

Indulgence and Atmosphere The cultural metropolis of St.Gallen is renowned for its diverse culinary delights. Numerous gastronomic specialities like the four B’s (Bratwurst, Bürli, Biberli, Beer) make for an enjoyable stay in the region. There are also no limits to the variety of delights to be had in the traditional “Erststock-Beizlis” with their cosy atmosphere.

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