With around 12,000 residents Weinfelden is one of the larger towns in the Canton of Thurgau. The town lies in the gentle hilly landscape between the Thurtal and Ottenberg valleys. Thanks to its central location Weinfelden is an excellent starting point for outings in the region and beyond. The town centre character of Weinfelden is enhanced by numerous attractive gastronomic and retail establishments. The entire village is compact and can be readily explored on foot.

Hub of Thurgau

Historically Weinfelden gained significance in the spring of 1798 with the Thurgau liberation movement commencing at Weinfelden’s town hall square. In the autumn of 1830, two public assemblies were held in Weinfelden, leading to the introduction of a new Cantonal Constitution. Since then Weinfelden has remained a centre of Cantonal activity. It is home to the seat of the Cantonal Administration Court and in the winter months the Great Council of the Canton of Thurgau (parliament) holds its deliberations in Weinfelden.

Living and Working

Weinfelden is both an appealing place to live and work. Steady population growth has enabled the town to develop organically. Many factors contribute to the high quality of life in Weinfelden: Beautiful residential settings, a comprehensive range of local schools and workplaces, superb gastronomy, diverse local recreation areas, attractive shopping facilities and a wide range of sporting, cultural and club activities.


Weinfelden prides itself on its varied and sophisticated gastronomy. Small, cosy inns, elegant restaurants with local and international cuisine and a thriving hospitality industry are hallmarks of the town. Weinfelden’s coat of arms and name is further evidence: Wines are produced and enjoyed here. Weinfelden is proud of this. With a vineyard area of around 4,530 hectares, viticulture is an important part of the town’s identity. Winegrowers from Weinfelden are consistently awarded prizes for their fine wines. To learn more and enjoy a pleasant walk one should not miss the WEINWEG WEINFELDEN.

Trade fairs

At the end of September every year the Weinfelden Trade Exhibition (WEGA) opens its doors in the town centre for five days. During this time the whole community is in a festive mood – and the WEGA is the topic on everyone’s lips. In early spring the gastronomic highlight of the year is “Schlaraffia” the Wine and Gourmet Fair.

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