12 JUNE 2023

174 KM


Commentary by David Loosli

It’s a stage that should basically be for the sprinters. However, as is often the case in Switzerland sprinter stage or not, the terrain is not completely flat. In addition to speed, sprinters must overcome a total of 1,890 metres in altitude before they can fight for the stage win. The sprinters’ teams will also have a lot to do to keep the peloton together. Often the first “real” stage of a Tour is very animated, as everyone is still refreshed and motivated.

Stage results

Stage Highlights

The collegiate Church of St. Michael in Beromünster

The interior decoration of outstanding artistic quality makes the collegiate church one of the most beautiful rococo buildings in Switzerland.


Overlooking Lake Sempach and the Alps, Nottwil is well-known as home to the Swiss Paraplegic Centre, among other things.


The lakeshore offers a variety of historical sights, breath-taking natural beauty and top-quality gastronomy.

Wasserschloss Wyher

Located in Ettiswil, the castle is surrounded by a moat and dates back to the 12th century.