17 JUNE 2023

184 KM


Commentary by David Loosli

The final opportunity for the sprinters to steal the limelight follows on this stage. However, the decisive factor will be how well the fast men have recovered from the last few days. With a start lap from Tübach along Lake Constance, the stage gets off to a quiet start topographically. This changes as soon as we enter the half-cantons of Appenzell Inner- Ausserrhoden. The sprinters have to master some short but tough climbs in order to be part of the final sprint in Weinfelden. Another scenario for this stage is that a strong leading group will form to give the sprinter teams a run for their money.

Stage results

Stage Highlights

Convent of St. Scholastica

In the small village of Tübach the convent, which is home to seven nuns, stands out above all.

Lake Constance region

The delightful landscape, the mild climate and the wide range of water sports and other leisure activities attract many holidaymakers and day-trippers to Lake Constance, particularly in the summer months.

Village of Appenzell

A picturesque village in the hilly landscape of Appenzell. Whether it’s a leisurely shopping trip or a visit to one of the countless museums, there is something for everyone in Appenzell.


The town lies in the gentle hilly landscape between the Thurtal and Ottenberg valleys. Thanks to its central location Weinfelden is an excellent starting point for outings in the region and beyond.