18 JUNE 2023

26 KM


Commentary by David Loosli

The goal of a Tour is to keep the competition as open as possible for as long as possible. With the final time trial of over 25 kilometres, there is definitely the possibility to shake up the final classification. Another reason for an upset in the GC could be the 400 metres in altitude, which could result in greater time gaps. Today the two time trial specialists from eastern Switzerland, Stefan Küng and Stefan Bissegger, may also play a major role. Will it be a Swiss day of celebration? Spectators are definitely in for a treat The route leads very prominently through the city of St. Gallen providing a beautiful and worthy backdrop for the final stage of the men’s Tour de Suisse.

Stage results

Stage Highlights

City of St. Gallen

City, lake and loads of culture: the four-country corner between Lake Constance and the Säntis, has everything the heart desires.

Abbey District of St. Gallen

With its baroque cathedral and world-famous abbey library, the city’s landmark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Textile Museum St. Gallen

Housing one of the most important textile collections in Switzerland. Fabrics and embroideries from all over the world, pattern books, design drawings and photographs illustrate the fortunes of the Swiss textile industry.

Säntispark Water Park

Whether it’s an adrenaline rush in the world of slides or a relaxing spa experience, Säntispark offers something for the whole family to enjoy.