CYCLING UNLIMITED AG started operations on 1 July 2019. Olivier Senn and Joko Vogel jointly manage the endeavour, while Hans-Peter Zurbrügg, Senior Vice President Personal & Corporate Fitness at Infront Sports & Media AG, is the chairman of the board of directors.

The current core team of the Tour de Suisse, consisting of Célina Rovescala and Caroline Jost (commercial management), Jonas Leib (technical management) and David Loosli (sporting management) can fall back on many years of experience. The core team is supported by numerous department heads – all absolute professionals in their fields. The core team is supported by numerous department heads – all absolute professionals in their fields.


Olivier Senn

Function: Event Director

Involved since: 2012

Why I am part of the Tour de Suisse team: I grew up with cycling and have been given the unique opportunity to turn my passion into a career. Organizing the largest Swiss sporting event every year is a great challenge that fascinates and challenges me. Mastering this Herculean task with our incredibly professional and motivated team is great fun.

David Loosli

Function: Sports Director

Involved since: 2012

Why I’m part of the Tour de Suisse team: The Tour de Suisse allows me to combine my passion and my job.

Célina Rovescala

Function: Commercial director

Involved since: 2009

Why I’m part of the Tour de Suisse team: It’s incredibly exciting to be able to organize the biggest sporting event in Switzerland with such a great team. If you then see the passion of the staff, the euphoria of the fans and the top sporting performance of the riders during the 9 days, you know what you have worked for a whole year!

Caroline Jost

Function: Commercial director

Involved since: 2020

Why I’m part of the Tour de Suisse team: I always loved attending sports events. The sport was often secondary, because the emotions that fans and athletes evoke grab me regardless. Now being part of the organisation of the biggest sporting event in Switzerland and see behind the scenes and what it takes to put it together, motivates and fascinates me the same.

Jonas Leib

Function:Technical Director

Involved since: 2022

Infected with the cycling virus since I was 10 years old, the Tour de Suisse is the Swiss cycling highlight for me, which combines competitive, recreational and family sports. It is a great honor for me to be able to help shape and implement the event together with the Tour de Suisse family.

Sandro Poltéra

Function: Sales Manager

Involved since: 2022

Cycling has been my great passion since my youth. I see professional cycling, and in Switzerland especially the Tour de Suisse, as an ideal platform to act as a link between the general public and various top performers around the topic of cycling. The Tour de Suisse inspires young and old and is just as interesting for tourism as it is for companies that want to address the general population in a healthy way, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital age. Moving by bike is healthy, makes you happy and is possible for almost everyone. I am looking forward to implementing many more concepts with partners in the future and thus bringing the event further forward. True to the motto: Cycling2Connect

Mathias Frank

Function: Project Manager Sports

Involved since: 2022

Cycling is my great passion! Already during my racing career, the Tour de Suisse was always a personal highlight of the season for me and I enjoyed the professional organization and the enthusiasm of the fans on the roadside enormously. Now it’s a lot of fun for me to be a part of the Tour de Suisse organization and to share my experience as an athlete.

Patrick Huber

Function: Communication

Involved since: 2019

Anne Stahel

Function: Assistant

Involved since: 2023

For a long time it was my wish to work in the event industry. The position at the Tour de Suisse gives me this chance.

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Division Managers

Martin Obrist

Function : Head of Neutral Racing Service

Involved since: 2010

Ueli Anken

Function : Head of Media Office

Involved since: 2018

Pascal Bachmann

Function : Head of sign posting

Involved since: 2005

Lars Bertrams

Function: Head of safety division

Involved since: 2016

Mirjam Casanova

Function: Head of Hospitality

Involved since: 2022

Christoph Jost

Function: Head of Hospitality

Involved since: 2022

Guido Sereinig

Function: Head of Safety Escort

Involved since: 2012

Georges Lüchinger

Funktion: Bereichsleiter Renninformationen

Involved since: 1991

Fabio Zahner

Function: Head of Tour Police

Involved since: 2012

Stephan Bühler

Function: Head of Start

Involved since: 2017

Noldi Henseler

Function: Head of Route Safety

Involved since: 2019

Urban Kaiser

Function: Head of Entertainment

Involved since: 2021

Karin Breitenstein

Function: Head of Accommodation

Involved since: 2018

Sepp Wehrli

Function: Head of Racing

Involved since: 1978

Stephan Wüthrich

Function : Head of race office

Involved since: 1999

Steve Bovay

Function: Head of Radio Tour

Involved since: 2011

Silvan Erdin

Function: Head of the Publicity Caravan

Involved since: 2018

Sabine Speidel

Function: Head of Kids World

Involved since: 2022

Beat Wettstein

Function: Head of Route Safety

Involved since: 1990

Stephan Herzog

Function: Head of Finish

Involved since: 2023

Moritz Sauer

Function: Head of Route Advertising

Involved since: 2008

Jan Mühlethaler

Function: Head of editorial department

Involved since: 2018

Dr. Med. Roland Kretsch

Function: Head of Paramedics

Involved since: 2021