17 JUNE 2023

56 KM


Commentary by David Loosli

As in the previous year, the third edition of the Tour de Suisse Women will open with a circuit race. Cyclists will have to complete three 20-kilometre laps. The course leads around the Ottenberg and promises to be an interesting opener for competitors and spectators alike. With a rather steep slope at the beginning of the lap, it remains to be seen whether this will be a stage for the sprinters or not.

Stage results

Stage Highlights


More of a hill than a mountain, Ottenberg is a popular excursion destination in the region and boasts natural beauty.

Wine-growing region of Weinfelden

With a vineyard area of around 4,530 hectares, viticulture occupies an important position in the town. Winegrowers from Weinfelden are consistently awarded prizes for their fine wines.

Historical Old Town

Weinfelden gained historical significance in the spring of 1798 with the Thurgau liberation movement commencing at Weinfelden’s town hall square

Lake Constance region

The delightful landscape, the mild climate and the wide range of water sports and other leisure activities attract many holidaymakers and day-trippers to Lake Constance, particularly in the summer months.