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A three-person direction team has been managing the Tour de Suisse. Kurt Betschart (Technology), David Loosli (Sport) and Célina Rovescala (Commerce) head the tour together. Mr Loosli is the public face of the direction as first among equals. Since 2014, the three directors have shaped the Tour de Suisse's current form. 

Kurt Betschart

Function: Technical Director

Involved since: 2006

Why I'm part of the Tour de Suisse team: As a former professional cyclist, I wanted to keep up my connections with the sport. Helping to organise this major event fascinates me.

David Loosli

Function: Sports Director

Involved since: 2012

Why I'm part of the Tour de Suisse team: The Tour de Suisse allows me to combine my passion and my job.

Célina Rovescala

Function: Commercial director

Involved since: 2009

Why I'm part of the Tour de Suisse team: It's unbelievably exciting to be able to organise the biggest sporting event in Switzerland with such a fantastic organisation.   When you see the passion of the assistants, the euphoria of the fans and the sporting bests achieved by the riders, you know what you've spent all year working for!