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Biel/Bienne – Introducing Switzerland’s largest bilingual city and watchmaking centre

In Biel/Bienne you’ll hear German and French spoken every day. Both languages are used quite naturally, as a matter of course, whether it be in the playground, at school, in clubs, at sporting events or when out shopping. As well as linguistic skills, this interaction with other ways of thinking promotes respect for other ideas and an openness, curiosity and courage to embrace new things.

Biel/Bienne’s mentality is particularly evident in the spirit of innovation exhibited by traditional and new companies here. In Biel/Bienne, precision engineered products are manufactured for sale the world over – at the Montres Rolex S.A., where movements for Rolex watches are made, or at Swatch Group, the world’s largest watchmaking concern. The expertise in precision technology thus acquired ensures added value in numerous other industries too, such as medical technology, automotive engineering and telecommunications.

Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH is also a guaranteed source for innovative ideas. This training and development centre for highly qualified professionals will be grouping together its technical training disciplines on the new Biel/Bienne Campus, thus creating a high-tech centre of excellence with a direct link to the world of business.

The Biel/Bienne mentality is also clearly evident in the city’s quality of life. The relaxed interaction with people of other cultures makes for a pleasant way of life here, and visitors can be sure of a warm welcome. While the city’s fantastic location, right by the shores of Lake Biel, at the heart of the Three Lakes Region at the foot of the southern slopes of the Jura Hills, does its bit to make people feel at home here, too!

The geographical diversity and scenic beauty inspires every athlete to produce their best form, backed up by the regions’s own natural “infrastructure” and more than 90 additional sports facilities. There is also the TISSOT ARENA – a brand new stadium complex for football, ice hockey and curling unique in Switzerland. The TISSOT ARENA will be an official stage in the Tour de Suisse, thus marking its unveiling as a sports location – a real baptism by fire.

Things to see and culinary delights

Here‘s just a small selection: With its speciality and rarity shops, the city’s well-preserved Altstadt (Old Town Centre) invites you to browse and discover at leisure. You can enjoy a break in one of the numerous cafés, bistros, bars and restaurants. The museums provide insights into the contemporary art scene and the city’s industrial history. Biel/Bienne’s Bözingenberg hill offers truly stunning views over the Seeland Region away towards the Alps. Accomanied by a delightful fish meal and Biel/Bienne’s own fine wines, a boat trip on Lake Biel is enjoyment in its purest form.

For more information, please see: www.biel-bienne.ch and Tourismus Biel-Seeland

© Tourismus Biel Seeland/Stefan Weber

© Marike Löhr