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The Blenio Valley: an authentic, sun-kissed land

The Blenio Valley is an authentic land where the quality of life never falters, whatever the season.Guests come face to face with unspoilt nature, leading them along trails and through villages.In the winter the slopes and snow-covered plains are the main attraction for sports fans, whilstin summer the region can be explored on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike, leading you to huts, shelters and small lakes.

Blenio: where the sun of hospitality never sets.


The 500 kilometres of trails offer an intoxicating mix of nature, culture and hospitality.They wind through villages: beautiful, rustic Romanesque creations set amongst the vineyards. You can hike along the paths or take the convenient cable cars to reach shelters and huts in the mountains.The small lakes you encounter are like precious stones set in the enchanting mountains, like the Rheinwaldhorn, for example.There are also lakes at the mountain passes, such as the Lukmanier, the Greina and the Nara.The Sentiero Basso, which literally translates as the 'Low Path', is accessible all year round, and has the slogan "walk with your head".


Streams run throughout the Sun Valley, nourishing the lush forests, like those in Lukmanier, which are bursting with Swiss pine trees.

Then there is the Pro Natura Lucomagno Centre in Acquacalda.

Nature triumphs everywhere. Indeed, the region's flora and fauna are of great scientific interest and are the subject of research.In this alpine amphitheatre, wayfarers can find peace and serenity in the slow passing of the seasons.


The Blenio Valley reflects the authenticity of a spiritual land which refuses to let go of its traditions. Events such as exhibitions and concerts ensure that tourists always have something to stimulate their minds.The region's history is relived in the parades in Napoleonic dress by the three historic military units, in the museumsand in the ruins of the ancient Castle of Serravalle.


Blenio's food and drink is packed full of authentic flavours tied to the local area. The highest quality products are on offer, including Alpine cheeses, locally-produced charcuterie, wines, spirits, honey and chestnuts.


The area's hotels, campsites, farms, huts and group accommodation always make their guests feel at home. The traditional taverns, known as "grottos", and restaurants in the region are the perfect places to enjoy authentic food in the evenings. 


Blenio is a true paradise for sport and leisure activities. Every square yard can be explored on foot, by horse or by mountain bike, andthe face of the Luzzone dam has been converted into the highest climbing wall in the world. In winter the ski lifts at Nara and Campo Blenio take you to slopes suitable for all abilities.The Campra cross-country skiing centre hosts international-level competitions. Bicycle lovers can descend the Lukmanier Pass all the way down to Biasca, or there are the BlenioBike trails for those who prefer mountain biking.


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