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Facts about Sölden

Sölden – The Hot Spot in the Alps nestles at 1350 m above sea level in the upper Ötztal, Tirol's longest side valley.

Sölden, venue of the yearly held Alpine Ski World Cup and one of Europe's most renowned ski and snowboard resorts, stands for the full variety of winter. Also in the summer Sölden has a lot to offer: about 300 km of signposted walking routes and hiking trails take nature fans of all ages and ability levels right to the heart of the Alps. What's more, the rear Ötztal valley boasts unlimited mountain biking terrain with mostly challenging tours up to the eternal ice at 2850 meters altitude. Sölden also hosts countless top-notch events throughout the seasons, ranging from internationally renowned cycle marathons to hiking weeks and music highlights.

The stunning Alpine scenery with more than 250 peaks higher than three thousand meters, premium ski areas with absolute snow reliability and a myriad of summer activities and gourmet pleasures make Sölden a truly ideal holiday destination in summer and winter alike. Additionally, the holiday resort offers unlimited shopping, sports and recreational attractions for families, groups and extreme sportsmen.

Sölden is Austria's second biggest village in size and has about 3000 inhabitants. The entire municipal territory is covered with 146 km² of glaciers and 321 km² of mountain summits, Alps or forests while the constructed area is only 1 km². As Sölden has almost two million bednights per year and 15,000 guest beds, it ranks among Austria's most important tourism regions.


Sölden Highlights you should not miss

Sölden's nature is really breathtaking. But here are other absolute must-dos when you are on a holiday in Sölden:

  • Restaurant IceQ – gourmet highlight on Gaislachkogl peak at 3048 m

  • Glacier Road – the highest panorama road in the Eastern Alps

  • BIG3 Viewing Platform – Tiefenbach panoramic footbridge at 3250 m

  • Pastureland Breakfast at 300-year old Gampe Thaya mountain hut

  • Almzeit Family Theme Trails - an insight into traditional mountain huts and pasture regions in the surroundings of Sölden


Sölden – a dorado for cycling aficionados

Be it mountain biking or race cycling, Sölden offers a fine blend of nature exploration and sporty challenges plus highlights. In the last years Sölden already hosted the Deutschland Cycle Tour and the Tour Transalp. And not to forget the start and finish of the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon, one of Europe's undisputed cult events, can be found in Sölden for already 34 years.


Recommended restaurants and accommodations

  • Sölden has a lot to offer when it comes to culinary highlights – ranging from small Italian Pizzerias to toque awarded restaurants. There is something for all tastes.


For further information: www.soelden.com/de or www.facebook.com/soelden.oetztal or www.facebook.com/oetztaler.radmarathon or www.twitter.com/soeldencom