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Where to watch in Weesen/Amden

  • Just after the start of the race, the route leads trough the cobbled and narrow streets of the old town of Weesen. Next to the abbey, there is enough space to watch the race leading through the old town.
  • Just after the galleries well known above Weesen, there is a small square on the right. From there you have a good view to the end of the gallery – and in addition, the spot offers a great view over the Walensee and the Glarner Alps.
  • In Amden, next to the town hall, opposite the Café Ammann and next to the dairy (about 100 m after the town hall on the left) there is enough space to wait for the racing cyclists. The spot offers a good view on the street that leads through the village, down to the right hand bend at the entrance to the village. There are several food stalls.
  • Just after the village of Amden, on the left hand side and just in front of a bend, there is little hill, called the “Dornacher-Hügel”. Form the slope of this hill you have a perfect view on the hairpin curve.
  • On the way between Amden and Arvenbüel, near Sell, there is a pine tree standing in the grassland on the left hand side of the street. From there spectators have a good view of the street.
  • About 50 m before the finish line on the right hand side of the street, there is a parking area. It is used for the support cars of the racing teams. However, on the lawn just in front of the parking space there is enough space to have a good view of the race.