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Stage city Arbon

Known as the City of wide horizons, Arbon has a population of aprox. 14’000 habitants.  It is located in the east end of Kanton Thurgau directly on the cyclists’ street of the Lake Constance.  Being of pile dwelling inheritance, Arbon was declared part of the worldwide heritage by Unesco in 2011.  A Dinosaur Museum and the Museum of History in the castle offer interesting information about the development of this great city.  Arbon is directed located on the Constance Lake.  Pedestrians, cyclists and Skaters enjoy the street along the shore, green areas and a wonderful view.  Two harbours with the most modern infrastructure and great culture to be explored, exciting events and a wide range of gastronomy will satisfy any kind of expectations.

A City of Energy

The label “City of Energy” is awarded to communities which achieve sustainable energy policies and make it reality.  Cities that produce energy demand sustainable mobility as well as renewable energy, and encourage efficiency of resources.

Since 1992 Arbon has become one of 200 cities of energy in Switzerland and it works in partnership with Swiss Energy, which demands the “Management System of Energy”. Due to this achievement Arbon got the award as “City of Energy” on 13th October, 1998.

Cyclists Association Arbon

The Cyclist Club Helvetia and Racing Club Condor fused on 21st January 1911 as the new Cycling Club Arbon. 105 years after its foundation the Cyclists Association Arbon organises many events involved with cycling sports, among them the 7th Round Tour de Suisse.  The Cyclists Association Arbon is proud of its successful professional cyclists and invests very much to promote youth.