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3rd stage: Menziken - Bern

The third stage of the 81st Tour de Suisse begins in the canton of Aargau. After an opening lap around Menziken, the riders will again cycle through the town and then head in the direction of the Emmental. This is the perfect stage for an ambitious breakaway group, although they may be caught as the race reaches Bern. ‘It is all set up for a spectacular sprint finish on Bern’s Papiermühlestrasse,’ says Loosli. 

Start in Menziken

Welcome to Menziken

Menziken is the most southern municipality in the Wynental in the canton of Aargau and boarders on the canton of Lucerne. The nature, extensive soft and hilly landscape, is inviting for local recreation as well as sporting activities. Menziken offers a high quality of life and is mostly fog free during autumn and winter.

In regards of traffic and traffic infrastructure, Menziken is very well developed by direct public transport connections to Aarau, Sursee and Lucerne.

The modern and well developed infrastructure of Menziken includes an in- and outdoor swimming pool, which enjoys transregionally high popularity.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon.



Familien Härri  und Matthias
Hauptstrasse 74, 5737 Menziken
Telefon +41 62 530 44 47


Glashaus Hotel
Hauptstrasse 35, 5737 Menziken
Telefon +41 62 765 77 00


Seehotel Hallwil
Seestrasse 79
5712 Beinwil am See
Tel. +41 62 765 80 30


  • Starting area
    main street at the town hall and on the „Waagplatz“.

  • Traffic circle Menziken
    a few hundred meters after the starting line at the turn-off to Schwarzenbach.

  • Altersresidenz Falkenstein
    first ascent on the Menzikerstrasse in direction of Schwarzenbach.

  • Church of Schwarzenbach / restaurant „Löwen“
    directly at the sharp left turn, near the restaurant „Löwen, the cyclist turn into Schwarzenbachstrasse and take on the serpentine descent to Mosen to the lake of Hallwil.

  • Huus 74
    on the forecourt of the b+b Huus 74 on main street No. 74 in Menziken you can root        for the passing cyclists one more time. Right after the secont passage they head to     the finish line in Bern via Beromünster, Sursee, Wolhusen and Entlebuch.

The village of Menziken provides you with a good railroad connection in direction of Aarau and a bus connection in direction of Luzern and Sursee.

Rail connection from Aarau to Menziken

There is a direct connection (S14) from the train station of Aarau every 15 minutes to Menziken.

Bus connection from Luzern to Menziken

There is a direct connection from the train station of Luzern to Menziken with the line 50 every hour.

Rail connection from Lenzburg or Luzern to Menziken

You have to take the train in Lenzburg or Luzern in direction of Beinwil am See. There you can switch to the bus line Beinwil am See – Menziken.

Bus connection from Sursee to Menziken

You can take the bus line No. 399 Sursee – Beinwil am See direct to train station of Menziken or you can take the bus line No. 81 via Beromünster to Menziken.

By car

(limited parking spots in the area of the

„Metall Service AG Menziken“ available)

Highway A2 (Luzern – Basel), exit Sursee.

Highway A1 (Bern – Zürich), exit Lenzburg or Aarau West

Please note:

Monday, the 12th of June 2017 the main street in the centre of Menziken is blocked from 6 am to 4 pm. Alternative routes are signalized.

Traffic plan

Arrival instruction

Before noon

beginning of students mobility-day

09.00 – 18.00 marquee open
10.30 Baggerballet V
11.00 – 14.30VIP Zone open
11.45 cavalry and historic cyclists parade with music 
ca. 12.15 competitor registration for the Tour de Suisse / presentation of the participating teams and cyclists
13.20 starting lineup of the Tour de Suisse
13.37 beginning of the Tour de Suisse, Stage 3 Menziken – Bern
13.50 second cavalry and historic cyclists parade
ca. 14.15 second passage of the Tour de Suisse

Finish in Bern

Bern: A Swiss Center for Cycling!

After Zurich (45) and Lugano (27), Bern is Switzerland’s third most popular stage point for traditional cycling tours, having served as the departure or arrival point for 23 tour stages. The Swiss capital was a stopover for last year’s Tour de France and will be hosting a stopover for the next Tour de Suisse.

With its medieval Old Town and Zytglogge (Clock Tower), Bern clearly deserves its place among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Six kilometers of arcades make Bern the country’s largest open-air shopping center. Thanks to the city’s Museum of Fine Arts, the impressive architecture of Zentrum Paul Klee, the Einstein House and the newly renovated City Theater, Bern is known well beyond its borders for its wealth of culture. Summer after summer, the crystal clear waters of the Aare River welcome thousands of swimmers.

The Bern Grand-Prix draws some 35,000 runners to the starting line in May of every year. And on the day before the arrival of the Tour de Suisse, one of Europe’s largest women’s races will also be taking place in Bern, with other 15,000 participants. Bern is also host to some major sporting events in winter. The Bern Ice Skating Club (SC Bern) has the highest average spectators per game outside of the USA’s National Hockey League.




Traffic plan Bern

Arrival instruction

14.00 - 18.00Opening time Village, Papiermühlestrasse
14.30 - 18.00Opening time VIP area
ca. 17.30Finish, Papiermühlestrasse