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3rd stage: Oberstammheim - Gansingen

The 3rd stage features a start and finish loop, which means spectators can look forward to double the excitement as the cyclists will cover parts of the route twice.
Reminiscent of the Spring Classics, this route with its five short but gruelling ascents is guaranteed to provide action and a tough sprint finish. Don’t be surprised if a small breakaway group of sprinters were to steal the show in Gansingen.

Oberstammheim - THE commune in the Zurich Weinland

Situated in Zurich Weinland, Oberstammheim is a beautiful village with approximately 1,100 inhabitants at the extreme tip of Canton Zurich and bordering on to Canton Thurgau. The most striking characteristics of the village are its nationally protected, historic timber-framed houses, the many stone drinking troughs and its stunning location on the southern slopes of the Stammerberg. Although situated on the edge of a quiet, mainly rural valley, the village benefits from good public transport and road connections.

The village has a modern infrastructure and is home to a surprising number of commercial and service enterprises. The municipal district covers 9.4 square kilometres, of which 55 percent is used for agricultural purposes. The inhabitants of Oberstammheim are particularly proud of their vineyards and, of course, their award-winning wines which are produced and marketed by the local winemakers.

Together with its neighbouring villages; Unterstammheim, Waltalingen and Guntalingen, Oberstammheim is geographically part of Stammertal (Stammer valley). There is a strong community spirit felt throughout the entire valley with a wide range of sports clubs, choirs and music societies on offer and an active cultural scene enjoyed by both the inhabitants of the valley and those from further afield.

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1.    Double the fun in Stammertal – with the loop through the Zürcher Weinland and back through the starting point, the fans in Oberstammheim are able to cheer on the cyclists twice.

2.    At the start by Gasthof Hirschen in Oberstammheim, along the main street and through the center of the neighboring village Unterstammheim, there is plenty of space for watching the cyclists as they pass by.


Traffic plan Oberstammheim

Arrival instruction Oberstammheim

The starting point in Oberstammheim can be easily reached with public transport: the S29 train from Winterthur to Stein am Rhein stops at Stammheim station.

10.00 – 14.00VIP Zone open
11.45 competitor registration for the Tour de Suisse / presentation of the participating teams and cyclists
12.45 beginning of the Tour de Suisse

No one needs to go hungry - at the starting point by Gasthof Hirschen various lunch menus are served and local delicacies can be tasted at stands along the street.

From 10 o’clock until around 11, local schoolchildren are presenting a show with music and dance by the Show Truck.

There are various attractions available for children to keep them entertained.

Hausi Leutenegger will be giving the start signal and will later spend some time mixing with spectators.

There are also plenty of attractions outside the village to help shorten the waiting time until the cyclists pass by: the idyllic Nussbaumersee and Hüttwilersee lakes are close to the route and are ideal for a refreshing swim.


Gansingen is idyllically embedded between Laubberg, Bürerhorn and Cheisacher and is the "top" municipality of Fricktal. The first documentary mention of Gansingen took place in 1240. Nearly 600 years later, the village was haunted by several large fires. The village, with its three districts Gansingen, Büren and Galten, was however again and again built up and today has a good 1,030 inhabitants.

Gansingen is an active village, especially thanks to the many committed clubs. In addition to the "Dorfmärt" in October, which is popular all over the municipality, there is a wide range of cultural and sporting events every year. Especially the Velo-Club Gansingen, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2018, has been in existence for several decades as an organizer of national and international cycling races nationwide. With the Cheisacherturm the municipality has received an impressive new landmark in 2010. The Gansinger slogan "Here I like it" is a program.

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Best place for spectators is the finish area on Monday 11th June and start area 12th June.
There are food trucks, Village, there runs a program with historical cycling troupe, school and much more.
There are 2 additional loops and so the drivers are three times to see. Very long, clear home straight
Natural grandstand slightly increased.
After the finish line on Monday, an after-race party starts in the evening with Rockcoverband Icebreaker.
In addition there will be a festive atmosphere with local beer on the mountain price to the Bürersteig in the additional rounds.


Directions are all signaled. From Parking there is a shuttle service to the finish area.

Traffic plan Gansingen

Arrival instruction Gansingen

14.00 - 18.00Opening time Village, Hirsacherstrasse
14.30 - 18.00Opening time VIP area
17.20Finish, Dorfstrasse

To see the whole festival program on Gansingen2018.ch.

Festivities from 8.-12.June 2018, 100 years VMC Gansingen, Public Viewing from Friday, party music, bar and raffle.


Overnight at local B & B providers or in the neighboring villages as in the campsite in Mettauertal.

The restaurant Landhus or Restaurant Gartenlaube invite you to linger.