Stage 05
Thu, 13.06.24

from  Ambri  to  Cari

Most important facts

Distance: 148.6 km Elevation: 3’206 m+ Category: Mountain Stage Difficulty: 5/5
Commentary David Loosli

A pure Ticino stage is next on the agenda. After the start loop and another pass through Ambri, the race proceeds from the north side up to Carì for the first time, passing the finish line. But the stage is far from over. There is another loop towards Bellinzona before the big finish. The final challenging climb from the south side to Carì will test the cyclists’ mettle. If it was not clear before this point, we should now know who is in the running for overall victory.

Stage Highlights


Among other things, Ambri is known for its legendary ice hockey club HC Ambri-Piotta.

Piora Valley

The Piora Valley is one of the most unique natural areas and offers countless opportunities to escape from everyday life.


Between Airolo and Biasca lies the Leventina Valley, which is a wonderful hiking area.


One of the most popular Alpine tourist resorts in the Canton of Ticino for both summer and winter sports.



Gottardo Arena, Via Aerodromo 2, 6775 Ambrì

Public transportation

  • By train to Ambri-Piotta, from there 10 minutes on foot
  • By train to Biasca, from there take bus no. 120 in the direction of Airolo to “Ambri Chiesa”

By car

There are several parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the starting area

  • Bike skills course: 11:15 – 13:45
  • Riders Sign-In: 11:55 – 12:55
  • Start of advertising convoy: 12:05
  • Start of the race: 13:05
  • Passing of the race: 13:35


Nucleo Carì, 6760 Cari

Public transportation

Take the bus to “Faido, Posta”. A shuttle service is then offered from “Faido, Pista Ghiaccio” to the finish area.

By car

On June 12 and 13 there are no public parking spaces available in Carì. Parking is available in Faido at the ice rink (Pista Ghiaccio Faido), from where a shuttle service will be offered.

Shuttle service

The shuttle service starts at 08:00. Last trip from Faido to Cari at 11:00 am. After this time the road is completely closed. Shuttle back from Cari to Faido from 18:00.

  • Entertainment: from 13:45
  • Opening hours TdS village: 13:45 – 17:30
  • Passage of the race: 14:15
  • Live broadcast: from 15:00
  • Arrival of the advertising convoy: 13:15 / 16:00
  • Finish: approx. 17:00
  • Award ceremony: afterwards