At the Tour de Suisse we are committed to playing our part in climate protection. We conducted an analysis of our racing emissions last year and are working on various initiatives to reduce them.

We are committed to reducing our emissions by 50% over the next 5 years and achieving Net Zero within the decade. We plan to achieve this primarily by reducing emissions wherever possible.

To reaffirm our commitment, we signed up to the United Nations Sports for Climate Action (S4CA) principles in 2020. Below you can learn more about climate issues related to cycling, our activities and those of our ecosystem. Contact us here if you have any questions.


In the years since we have taken over the organisation of the Tour de Suisse, we have dealt extensively with the issue of sustainability and have developed a step-by-step strategy. Here are some of the most important measures that have been taken to date.

Cycling Unlimited assumes the organisation of the Tour de Suisse (the first event will be staged in 2020).


We have joined the United Nations Sports for Climate Action (S4CA) framework.


We conducted our first emissions assessment for the race in collaboration with Quambio, a Swiss company based in Neuchâtel. We offset nearly 100 metric tons of emissions, representing a large portion of our Scope 1 and 2 emissions.


We are joining the UCI Sustainability Working Group, a cycling-specific subgroup of S4CA.
First mobility competition for spectators to promote public transport.


Building on the 2022 emissions assessment, we are launching a number of initiatives this year to set us on the path to reducing our emissions. We are organizing a mobility competition for our viewers to raise awareness of climate issues and the impact of individual transport. We partnered up with the teams participating in the Tour de Suisse to create the first-ever overall summary of the teams’ sustainability strategies. We survey our local organizing committees with the aim of creating a platform for action and knowledge sharing. We also work more actively with our sponsors to align our vision and actions.



The experience gained over the past year will be used to refine the future strategic direction and optimise our activities. This has resulted in an extended mobility competition for spectators in the Tour de Suisse FanZone, raising awareness among the local organising committees, an active exchange with the UCI, Swiss Cycling and the UN Sports4Climate Action regarding the transfer of know-how and our own efforts to reduce our own greenhouse gas footprint.

Innovation : Tour de Suisse Sustainability Award 2024

Team Movistar wins the first Tour de Suisse Sustainability Award – the world’s first sustainability award in favour of a World Tour team by a Tour organiser.

The decisive factors for the selection were the proven track record over several years, defined reduction strategies and the integration of the entire team in the various activities. The team wins a symbolic amount in favour of a charitable organisation of their choice. The athletes will wear a special blue race number during this year’s race.