Team Lidl-Trek: Small steps matter

In today’s instalment of our segment on teams’ sustainability actions, we turn our attention to Team Lidl-Trek. At a strategic level, the team works closely with its sponsor, Trek, which is very active on sustainability issues. You can find out more on their website.

However, on a day-to-day basis, the team favors small actions that when put together and repeated over and over, result in a measurable impact. For instance, the organization uses energy produced in more sustainable ways at their office and logistics center. Various waste management solutions are used consistently. For instance, reusable coffee cups are used in buses/trucks to avoid obvious waste. Lunches are also served in reusable containers. The staff is encouraged to drink water from the tap and use reusable water bottles. Vehicles are washed only when needed. The list goes on.

While all those actions seem small when considered individually, over an entire season the impact becomes material. Implementing these strategies with the team and support staff also helps them carry the same concepts in their own lives, which helps create a snowball effect.