Champagne to Host Tour de Suisse Women 2024

After three years in eastern Switzerland, the Tour de Suisse Women makes its debut in French-speaking Switzerland next year. Champagne on Lake Neuchâtel will be Host City for the last two stages of the women’s tour.

“It is exiting for us to be able to announce a Host City for the next edition of the Tour while the current Tour de Suisse Women is still in progress,” says Tour Director Olivier Senn. Champagne hosted the men’s Tour de Suisse in 2016. Now the women will also have the chance to enjoy the beautiful region around Lake Neuchâtel. On Monday 17th June 2024 the third stage will finish in Champagne and the next day Stage 4 will start from the same location.

The driving force behind the local Organising Committee is Roland, renown producer of pretzels amongst other grain-based snacks. “Champagne, a charming village in northern Vaud with just over a thousand inhabitants, is located at the foothills of the Vaud Jura and on the edge of Lake Neuchâtel. We look forward to welcoming the Tour de Suisse Women here in 2024,” says Roland’s Director, Marc-André Cornu.

The region is ideal for cycling with varied landscapes and routes from the lake to the mountains, encompassing vast regional vineyards. The love of cycling is obvious from the sheer number of hobby cyclists who enjoy riding here on a nice day. The Tour de Suisse Women aims to make women’s cycling even better known in the region.

It’s great that the Tour de Suisse Women is finding its way to western Switzerland after three years in eastern Switzerland. Olivier Senn adds: “It is important that the women’s Tour generates enthusiasm for women’s cycling throughout the country. We are therefore very much looking forward to both stages in Champagne».