Interview with Cédric Christmann – CEO Primeo Energie

Why is Primeo Energie sponsoring the Tour de Suisse?

We want to increase the awareness and visibility of the Primeo Energie brand throughout Switzerland. This is important for our customer relationships, but also to attract new talent. But we were also looking for a sponsorship that fits in with our cooperative values and our mission statement: we bundle energy. Cycling is a team sport and a popular means of transport used by many people in Switzerland and France. The Tour de Suisse is more suitable for this than almost any other event.

What do Primeo Energie and the Tour de Suisse have in common?

They have several things in common. The popularity of the sport and the accessibility of the athletes. Both have a lot to do with energy. Engineering, new technologies and innovation play a role in both. And last but not least, the topic of sustainability is very important to both of us. The Tour de Suisse wants to become the most sustainable cycling race in the world. Our goal is to become CO2-neutral by 2040.

Cédric Christmann, CEO Primeo Energie

Primeo Energie sponsors many cycling events and clubs. Why cycling of all things?

Our motto is: “we love cycling”. Because cycling is very accessible and popular, including with many of our customers. Bicycles are very present in the public eye. That’s why, in addition to the Tour de Suisse, we are also active in races such as the Tour de Romandie, the Tour Alsace and the Women’s Cup.

The Primeo Energie logo can also be seen time and again at regional cycling events.

As a company with regional roots, we are committed to our region. That’s why we support the Trail Centre in Aesch, the Basel Bike Festival and local cycling clubs. Last but not least, we want to promote the energy transition together with our customers, and cycling plays a role in this.

What fascinates you about the Tour de Suisse?

It is one of the biggest sporting events in Switzerland. In addition to the sporting excitement, it’s also a great way to discover or rediscover the country. I also think it’s great that the Tour de Suisse is becoming more female. At Primeo Energie, we are also increasingly trying to appeal to women and attract them to more male-dominated professions such as grid electricians.