Launching the first ever Tour de Suisse Climate Challenge

At the Tour de Suisse, we are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions across all aspects of our race. During race week, we welcome hundreds of thousands of spectators to our roads and our hosting cities. While we are excited to see so many of you on the race course, we also realize that spectators traveling to the race oftentimes means cars on the road that would not be there otherwise.

That is why we are launching our TdS CO2-Challenge, a very first for any cycling event. To do so we are working with Quambio, our sustainability partner. Join us for a fun (and a bit competitive) mobility challenge, learn more about how your travels translate into CO2 emissions, and be part of our efforts to reduce our event emission footprint.

Participating is really simple: 1) download the Quambio App for free on Google Play or in the AppStore, 2) log in and join the Tour de Suisse challenge, 3) use the App when you choose to cycle to work, walk to errands, or travel in public transports. Tag us on social media using the hashtags #tds2023 and #quambio and come to the race by train, bus or on a bicycle. No trip is too small.

By joining the challenge and using the App just a couple times a week until the race, you earn a chance to win a cool prize, including a Tour de Suisse VIP ticket and one of each of the four distinctive leader jerseys. Winners will be drawn randomly out of all participants who complete the challenge.