On the start line and raring to go!

react – the new premium partner of the Tour de Suisse, is racing to the very top of Switzerland. Thanks to the specially developed technology, the sports glasses adapt to changing light conditions in less than 0.1 seconds, making them a must-have for cycle races.

One year on from its launch, react has become a firmly established name on the market. And now, as a premium partner of the Tour de Suisse, the Swiss eyewear brand has become an indispensable name in the sports sector.

And Stefan Küng agrees! Switzerland’s most successful cyclist today has a shared heritage with react, since they both originate from eastern Switzerland. But that’s not all they share: Together, the two speed pros have set their sights on victory. It’s a partnership that won’t let anything stand in its way. Today, the Tour de Suisse… tomorrow, the top of the world!

In addition to sports eyewear, react also manufactures ski goggles in its own production facility in Toggenburg. The lightning-fast darkening and brightening effect in the lenses is all down to a patented technology that the company has long been using in its Swiss-made welding helmets. After seven years of development, react – a brand of the optrel group – has successfully brought the technology out of the welding workshop for a wider audience to enjoy. Since June 2022, react has been leading the field in the sports eyewear market with its optray sports glasses.

Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself! On each stage of the Tour de Suisse, as well as at the start and finish, there will be a react stand where you have the chance to try out the unique technology and buy your very own pair of sports glasses. The react team can’t wait for the Tour de Suisse and is looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere with you.