The story of the Virtual Training company began with two brothers, Petr and Jiri Samek, in South Bohemia. The brothers studied in a gymnasium with a cycling major and loved to ride bicycles. While studying at Prague Polytechnic University, they realized that they did not have a tool to measure the results of cycling competitions. So, in their free time from studies, they launched “SportSoft” together with two other guys, Karel Hudecek and Jiri Kortus. An application was developed for result measurements in different sports tournaments.

The Virtual Training team is international in its background and consists of people with considerable experience in different areas, such as software development, customer service, and marketing. The required mix of technical geekiness and business expertise is glued with a passion for sports that unite them all. Some team members possess postgraduate degrees in Physical Education and Training, while others worked, or are still working, as coaches for kids and teenagers in their spare time.

Rouvy application:

Rouvy is one of the top popular software applications used by the global cycling community for indoors. The most-featured training platform is #1 in a realistic simulation of outdoor rides and road feel. It enables cyclists and triathletes to create custom routes, bike the planet indoors, compete in online races and manage training data. Added to interactive workouts, an endless variety of courses and year-round motivational challenges, Rouvy provides an authentic virtual racing platform for event organizers.

echnology-wise Rouvy uses augmented overlays over GPS-synced, real-life video footage. The unique AR/mixed-reality combines animated 3D riders and geolocated videos. As of today, the application library contains over 3,000 videos, 4,000 workouts, 40,000 GPS routes, and the numbers are counting.