Primeo Energie and the Tour de Suisse: United for a more sustainable future

Primeo Energie and the Tour de Suisse are not only sponsoring partners. Both also place great importance on the issue of sustainability. This blog post explores what the energy provider and the cycle race are doing to reduce their environmental impact.

Goal Net Zero

The Tour de Suisse has a major goal: it wants to become the most sustainable cycle race in the world. “We want to halve our CO2 emissions by 2027,” says Mario Klaus, the sustainability officer of the Tour de Suisse. Net zero is the ultimate target in subsequent years.

Based on the 2022 Tour, the emissions generated in connection with the event were analysed and calculated for the first time. The results are now being used to put together a comprehensive range of initiatives. This includes for example the use of an electric vehicle fleet, an extensive programme of recycling, the use of more regional products and a far more vegan catering range.

At the same time, all professional teams, Host cities and fans are encouraged to adopt more climate-friendly practices. CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided despite best efforts will be compensated by the organisers in future by means of so-called offset payments.

In addition, the Tour de Suisse has registered with the United Nations’ “Sports for climate action” programme. This initiative aims to assist the sporting world in achieving the global climate protection goals. The Tour de Suisse is also working with the climate committee of the international cycling federation (UCI).

“Together with our fans we want to reduce emissions”

The Tour de Suisse generates CO2 emissions through various activities, such as the transport of the teams and the Tour organisation, the accompanying publicity caravan and the required infrastructure to the Host Cities. A large proportion of the total emissions is also generated by the spectators’ journeys – especially when private cars are used.

“We as organisers along with the athletes are always happy to see a large crowd of spectators on the side of the road, and we would like to see more every year,” says Mario Klaus.

As of the next Tour de Suisse, spectators who do not live directly along the route will therefore be encouraged to use public transport or, even better, bicycles. “We are working on an App for this purpose with which the fans can document their own bicycle journeys and the associated CO2 savings,” Klaus reports.

Another important factor: the sustainability of TdS Partners. “Almost all of them now have their own concepts,” explains Klaus – and points to Main Partner Primeo Energie as an example. For the Münchenstein-based company, sustainability is very much an integral part of its business activities.

Sustainability is also a priority for Primeo Energie

Primeo Energie has been the main sponsor of the Tour de Suisse since 2022. During the Tour, employees of the energy provider are also present at each Host City. One thing is clear: they travel exclusively by electric vehicle. Electric cars are increasingly becoming part of the company fleet.

E-mobility is an important business area for Primeo Energie. The company offers a variety of solutions for private and business customers. The energy provider installs charging stations in private homes, at company headquarters and in public spaces. Primeo Energie is also involved in MOVE, the largest charging network operator in Switzerland. And together with BLKB and BLT, the company has launched the “Pick-e-Bike” e-bike sharing platform.

First and foremost, Primeo Energie supplies its customers with electricity generated exclusively from sustainable sources. Simultaneously, the company is in the process of decarbonising its heating supply. Heating networks are gradually being converted from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. One example is the heating network in Einsiedeln, one of the Host Cities of the Tour de Suisse 2023, where Primeo Energie has built a heating plant that uses local waste timber to generate heat.

Raising young people’s awareness of the need to use energy in a sustainable and climate-friendly way is another of Primeo Energie’s activities. The new Primeo Energie “Kosmos” science and experience centre has been set up specifically for this purpose. Here, the topics of climate and energy are communicated interactively via multi-media.

In this way, Primeo Energie and the Tour de Suisse are moving in the same direction when it comes to sustainability.