Q36.5 presents the leader jerseys for the Tour de Suisse 2024

The Tour de Suisse 2024 is approaching with excitement and Q36.5 is once again proudly sponsoring the leaders’ jerseys. After the successful partnership of the last two years, Q36.5 is once again setting the benchmark for excellence in development, research, design, Made in Italy and sustainability.

The evolution of the leader jersey
Based on the Q36.5 Gregarius Pro Jersey, the Leader Jersey sets a new standard in terms of thermoregulation and aerodynamic performance for high-intensity rides in warm weather. The raglan cut of the jersey has been carefully aerodynamically optimised to find the best materials and placement of panels and seams. The result is a jersey that does not form uncomfortable material bundles in the neck area, thus preventing irritation and drag. The ultra-lightweight material on the front of the jersey, combined with the honeycomb mesh back, which extends over the shoulders to the pockets and optimises the natural properties of the material, ensures maximum breathability and thermoregulation. This jersey structure enables effective ventilation and optimum moisture transport. It is also made from 100% recycled materials.

Sustainability at heart
Sustainability is just as important to Q36.5 as it is to the Tour de Suisse organisation. All materials used for the leader jersey come from Italy, and production takes place within a radius of 350 kilometres of the Q36.5 headquarters in Bolzano. The brand sees itself as part of a natural cycle and develops fabrics whose manufacturing processes respect and protect nature. Q36.5 is also actively committed to producing PFC-free cycling clothing and reducing waste, with short transport routes playing a key role. “In our day-to-day activities, we can benefit from a very low travel requirement, which translates into less traffic, pollution and resource consumption for the physical transport of products along the supply chain,” says Alberto Bianchi, Product Manager at Q36.5. He also emphasises: “As a brand, we have introduced recycled fibres and pay appropriate attention to them. It is important for us to be able to guarantee the right level of quality and performance, because the life cycle of a product is absolutely crucial. If a product works well for a long time and retains its qualities, we can extend its life cycle and reduce the amount of end-of-life products that need to be disposed of.”

Partnership for perfection
The partnership between Q36.5 and the Tour de Suisse is of great importance as it creates a unique synergy between two leading forces in cycling. As sponsor of the leader’s jerseys, Q36.5 brings its expertise in innovative development, design and technical excellence to the prestigious cycling event. “By working closely with the Tour de Suisse, we can not only once again strengthen our presence in Switzerland, but also emphasise our commitment to promoting cycling worldwide. This partnership provides an ideal platform to increase brand awareness, reach new audiences and communicate the values of performance, research, innovation, sustainability and beyond that characterise us as a brand,” says Sabrina Emmasi, co-founder of Q36.5. Ultimately, the partnership will help to strengthen the Tour de Suisse as the world’s leading cycling event and provide riders with an optimal environment to enhance their performance and push their limits with the right equipment.