Team DSM: Actively engaging athletes and support staff into action

In our series featuring team activities in favor of the climate, we are highlighting here an initiative from team DSM. Team DSM is very engaged on climate issues and contributing towards a greener world. They do this by funding a tree planting program via Trees for All, from which they have been an ambassador for over 10 years. These trees are planted close to their Keep Challenging Center, where the women- and development program of Team DSM resides, and where a large part of the business operations takes place.

What they do differently than others has to do with active engagement. In December for instance, Team DSM got staff and riders to the planting area, where they collectively planted 1500 trees.

While other organizations have similar activities, athlete engagement is still something that we hope more teams can fit in their strategies. It is a cost-effective way to raise awareness of climate issues, while also being a unique way to build relationships across the team. That idea applies to other organizations as well, by the way, not just professional teams.