Team EF Education – EasyPost : The past matters as well as the present

In our series of stories on team climate actions, we are covering here a very unique initiative undertaken by Education First, the main sponsor of Team EF Education – EasyPost.

Education First was founded in 1965 in Sweden. Its mission to open the world through education. It is natural for the organisation to be active on climate issues, given that its business is centered around traveling and experiencing the world, with a primary focus on younger generations. Younger people are also those who will feel the greatest impact from a changing climate.

So naturally, Education First and its cycling team have invested in climate actions for what is now a few years already. The organisation has been climate neutral for the past two years.

They are however going one step farther. They have recently committed to neutralizing all the emissions that the company and its activities have produced since the company was created. That is nearly 60 years of emissions that is being abated. It is monumental task to even figure out what that total is, but a welcome way to think about abatement as the climate problem is not new.

We often hear of actions anchored in the present, and salute organisations working towards zeroing out today’s emissions. Reversal of past actions is a lot rarer and worth highlighting because as a society, we have create the current problem over many decades unfortunately.