Ups and downs on the Tour de Suisse

Cycling and sports betting have much in common. Both bring a lot of excitement and both go up and down almost daily. The Tour de Suisse and sports betting both demand a lot of stamina and good estimating skills to secure a win.

This year too, the Swiss sports betting provider Sporttip is again taking bets in the Tour de Suisse both on stage wins and the overall winner. Ever since Sporttip partnered up with the Tour de Suisse, plenty of people betting on the Swiss national tour winners have been able to collect their prizes afterwards.

Select, tick and submit

The amount of the possible winnings depends on the odds played when the bet is placed. In cycling, the starting positions can change quickly and so can the odds. If you bet on a surprise winner with high odds, you can enjoy a nice profit with a bit of luck. With expert knowledge, you can improve your chances. But as in cycling, betting would lose its appeal if everything were always clear.

The principle is simple: First you inform yourself on about the odds of the respective riders. At the start of the Tour, the favourites have the lowest odds. These change from stage to stage. In the Sporttip app or on the website, you select your bet, create a QR code and save the code on your smartphone or print it out on your PC. Then simply show it at the kiosk and you’ll receive your bet receipt for the selected rider. Then it’s a case of “fingers crossed”. But it’s even easier if you get an online account. Then you can enter your bet wherever you want and have nothing else to do. Your winnings are transferred directly to your account.

The money flows back

The proceeds from sports betting, lotteries and tickets flow into the cantonal lottery funds. These funds support charitable projects in popular sport as well as sports associations both large and small. And through its partnership with SwissTopSport, Sporttip supports, for example, the Tour de Suisse and many other sporting events such as the Swiss Indoors Basel, the Spengler Cup and the International Lauberhorn Races in Wengen.