Radio, press, TV, web: journalistic eyes, hands and mouths have many forms. The professionals with cameras, microphones and notepads have to be able to rely on the content and technology in a short amount of time. As the TdS media team, we are responsible for this together with those responsible for the media at the stage locations.


Media accreditation is open. The two races Tour de Suisse Men and Women are listed separately on Cycling Service. You only need to be accredited once. For special requests please contact us by email: [email protected] .

Dates 2024

29 May 2024, 10.30h: National press conference in Münchenstein BL

Tour de Suisse: June 09-18, 2024 (Men: June 09-16 / Women: June 15-18)

16 June 2024, 09.00h: Closing press conference TdS Men (Media Center Villars-sur-Ollon)

18 June 2024, 11.00h: Closing press conference TdS Women (Mixed Zone finish area Champagne)


As of May 24th, 2024

1. Accreditation

Accreditation is mandatory for all media professionals. Access to the start/finish area, mixed zone, media center and media car park is only possible with a valid badge. For media accreditation we work with Cycling Service.

  1. Please follow the link to tds.ch/media . If you are already registered on Cycling Service , select the Tour de Suisse under “Races” – and that’s it. If not, create your profile there first. Please have a portrait photo and a photo of your press card ready.
  2. If you accredit several people (e.g. driver, camera team), you can enter your team in the “Staff” section and assign each person the appropriate role.
  3. vehicle incl. You can enter the license plate number in the driver’s profile. You can ignore the “Parking” option for the Tour de Suisse.
  4. Accredited media representatives will receive confirmation via email. Please bring this confirmation to the permanence. Here you will receive your personal badge.
  5. The accreditation stickers for vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.) are also available at the Permanence. Please note point 4 “Access on route”.
  6. The organizer is responsible for deciding whether to issue an accreditation. A media/photo ID does not automatically qualify for accreditation.
  7. The accreditation must be worn visibly.
  8. Without a valid accreditation, access to the corresponding zones will be denied without exception.
  9. Each accredited person is only allowed access to the zones shown on the accreditation.
  10. Each accredited person must follow the instructions of the Tour de Suisse staff.
  11. The Tour de Suisse organization and its employees have the right to refuse any accredited media representative access to all zones and/or withdraw their accreditation in the event of misconduct.
  12. The accreditation is not transferrable.
2. Filming permit for TV and online

As the host broadcaster of the Tour de Suisse, SRG SSR has the exclusive production rights in all accredited zones and produces a TV signal according to international standards. It is prohibited to make and distribute audiovisual recordings of the race and the award ceremony without the prior written consent of the rights holder SRG SSR. This applies in particular to the distribution of live or non-live videos from the race and the award ceremony via social media apps such as Periscope, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and other online services.

Written enquiries national media: Requests for a fee-based filming permit/permit must be obtained in writing from SRG SSR at least 72 hours before the start of the event/stage ([email protected]).

The conditions agreed in the sports license agreement between SRG and the regional TV station apply to the regional TV stations. Online media can use the leaflet incl. Request conditions directly from SRG ([email protected]).

Mixed zone: After the filming permit/sublicense has been granted by SRG SSR, you may only film your own audiovisual recordings (interviews) in the designated mixed zone (physical access). Before the end of the award ceremony, no own pictures from the accredited zones may be shot.

Other accredited zone / target area: Due to the tight production and spatial conditions, no own audiovisual recordings may be made and published from the other accredited zones/in the target area. These images (race, award ceremony, etc.) can only be purchased from SRG SSR (signal access – please apply to [email protected]). When using SRF images, the source must be clearly visible (clearly visible SRF logo or “SRF images” fade-in).

International TV broadcasters can purchase TdS racing images via a license agreement with Infront Sports & Media AG ( [email protected] ) .

Access without a camera: A print accreditation can be issued without a camera with an express declaration of waiver.

3. Arrival/Parking

Signposted media parking spaces are available at each stage location for accredited media professionals. Parking outside of the allocated parking spaces can lead to the loss of accreditation.

4. Access on route

Access to the route is only possible for specially marked vehicles. This must be requested in advance of the Tour de Suisse. A permit is only issued in special cases. Access to the route is possible with the instructions in point 1.5 described stickers is not possible.

5. Permanence

The permanence is located in the start and finish area of each stage. Here you have to pick up your accreditation. A limited number of spontaneous accreditations are possible. However, there is no entitlement; the accreditations reported in advance always have priority. The exact location of the permanance can be found in the Tour de Suisse Technical Guide. Attention: the permanence is closed 30 minutes before arrival and 30 minutes after arrival.

6. Media Center

There is a media center at the destination of each stage. The exact location is indicated by signs (near Permanence). For the accredited media workers there are workstations with free electricity and internet connection (WLAN). Type J sockets are usually installed in Switzerland. The Euro plug (type C) is compatible. For devices with other plugs you need a travel adapter.

TV broadcast: The Tour de Suisse will be broadcast on a projector or television in the media center. The statistics for the current stage run on a second screen (source: Swiss Timing). There is no entitlement to receive other broadcasts.

Media conference: After each stage, the daily media conference takes place in the media center with the winner of the day and any other participants. In exceptional situations, the media conference will be conducted via video from an external studio (distance to the finish area, pandemic protection, etc.). The timing of the balance sheet media conference will be communicated in the course of the Tour de Suisse as part of the daily stage bulletin.

Opening hours: See detailed information in the Tour de Suisse Technical Guide. Attention: The opening times of Permanence and Media Center are not identical.

Catering: During the opening hours, a simple catering offer is available for accredited media representatives.

7. Mixed zones at start and finish

The mixed zones at the start and finish of each stage are adjusted to the respective conditions (place, time, weather). The instructions of the security staff and the TdS organization must be followed.

8. Photographer and Cameraman Guidelines

All photographers and cameramen must wear the official TdS photo vest on the route as well as in the start and finish zones in addition to their personal badge and must be clearly visible. You will receive this together with your accreditation against a deposit. A photographer’s zone is marked behind the finish line of each stage. Photographers may only stay in this zone before and during the finish. The organizer is responsible for the exact allocation of space.

9. Official Information

Radiotour: During the entire race, Radiotour can be reached on the free telephone number +41 31 511 07 41 .

Live ticker: During the race, the media team runs a live ticker on the website. The race events, including the time intervals, are continuously documented there.

Technical Guide: In the official Technical Guide of the Tour de Suisse you will find all the information about the stages, teams and organization. The publication will be available on the website shortly before the Tour de Suisse.

Bulletin: The upcoming stage bulletin will be emailed to all accredited participants every evening. There you will also find the location and address of the media center for the following day. If you have any questions, please email: [email protected] .

10. Sanctions

If the rules and instructions are not followed, the tour organization is entitled to withdraw the accreditation of the offending media representatives and to exclude them from the Tour de Suisse.

11. Contact

Business Unit Sport SRG: Nicole Keller, [email protected], +41 58 135 04 46
Infront Sports & Media AG: Patrick Lienhart, [email protected], +41 41 723 15 15
Media Officer TdS: Ueli Anken, [email protected], +41 79 638 18 18 (on Cc everytime)


Information on drone flights during sporting events can be found here. The Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt (BAZL) also provides an overview of no-fly zones. Important: Flying over crowds of people (e.g. in the start or finish area) is not permitted.

Questions? Wishes?

Please report your concerns to us. We will support you as best we can. And if a wish exceeds what is humanly possible, we will find a solution.

Contact: Ueli Anken | +41 79 638 18 18 | [email protected]