Team Intermarché – An approach based on long-term, local partnerships

In our series on team climate and sustainability activities, we are focusing today on Team Intermaché. Team Intermarché, being one of the World Tour teams with a more moderate budget, is in the initial stage of a climate strategy. Yet, for many years now, the team has used a proximity model for its on-the-road partners.

When traveling on the race circuit, the team always returns to the same hotels for instance, insisting on working with smaller, local and family-owned venues. With this approach, Team Intermarché works with partners who know them and their needs well. It enables them to better control wastes related to their passage. It also helps them contribute to a proximity economy, as the partner hotels are venues anchored in their respective regions and their suppliers.

This is a very intuitive strategy that the team has naturally put in place. It benefits them, but also the local businesses of the areas they race in.