Primeo-Energie-CEO Christmann: “The Tour de Suisse has a lot in common with us.”

We Love Cycling: With this slogan Primeo energie has been the main sponsor of the Tour de Suisse since 2022. For Cédric Christmann, CEO of Primeo Energie, the Tour de Suisse is the ideal vehicle to promote the company throughout Switzerland.

“Primeo Energie and the Tour de Suisse have many things in common,” says Cédric Christmann, CEO of Primeo Energie. “Both have a strong connection to energy. Both are closely linked to technology and innovation. And for both, sustainability plays a particularly important role.”

But the Tour de Suisse is also special to the CEO for another reason. “It is one of the biggest sporting events in Switzerland and offers a wonderful opportunity to discover or rediscover the whole country.”

Christmann himself comes from France. Does his pulse race for the Tour de Suisse or rather for the Tour de France? “I am Swiss and French, I live with my family in Switzerland and my mother is from Italy. So my heart is big enough to embrace the Tour de Suisse, the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and many other races.”

Discover more about the partnership between Primeo Energie and the Tour de Suisse as well as Cédric Christmann’s passion for cycling in the video.